Beer Culture

On my mind tonight is the big difference between where I grew up and where I live now. Wisconsin has such a culture of drinking, and not only drinking, but drinking to excess. I know it’s not the only state, but it’s certainly more accepted and casually mentioned here than where I grew up in the ‘burbs of Chicago. My kids are growing up with this sort of acceptance around them, and it worries me.

A glass of wine and a computer. Pretty much sums up life in Wisconsin for me.

A glass of wine and a computer. Pretty much sums up life in Wisconsin for me.

I enjoy going out with friends to the local watering hole, singing karaoke, being briefly transported back to my days of irresponsibility, and I surely pass no judgement on those that make this a habit. I just don’t want my kids falling victim to something that seems to be easy to get lost in.

I certainly don’t want to make a habit of posting my writing on this page (the immediate feedback! the copywrite issues!), but I feel compelled tonight to share this. Again, I mean no judgement. This is sort of how these words fell out of me.



by Jessica S. Frank


Little League sponsored

by the Tavern League

Kegs at eighth grade graduation

Beers with the folks

on State Street at nineteen


One by one falling

off a barstool

into a car between the lines

puffing bravado into

a siren’s device.

Name in the paper

as a badge of honor

Everyone gets one

the barflies extol

sending you a shot of

brandy for your troubles.

Smack on the back of

a Packers jersey.

A beer from the bartender


Welcome to the club.


Bigger than cheese

fireworks, the SDS,

Harley Davidson, the Ringling Brothers

Brett Favre or Aldo Leopold.


Open for business?


Teetotalers need not apply.

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