Creating the Setting

I have been working on making my office a space I want to create in. It’s a small room, but it’s important to me to have some place that I can metaphorically relax and just be. 

Two things to just that idea:

1.) Frostbeard Studio candles and wax tarts. I’m all about scent, and these wonderfully creative people have managed to combine the literary life with good smelling’ stuff. You can get it on Etsy, like I did. I have it in a warmer in the office, and every time I’m in here, I just feel so cozy and intelligent. Seriously. Right now, I’m burring something called “Dumbledore’s Office’ which smells like peanut butter and honey. I’m not sure that’s their official description, but it’s what I’ve taken from it. Also amazing is Winterfell and Old Books and…well, pretty much every scent I bought. Support a small business!

2.) I bought a chair from work. It’s about the ugliest chair on the floor, and I had it recovered it a slightly-less ugly color. But it’s still pretty much screams “Grandma’s House.” It rocks and has a high back, and is about the most comfortable chair I’ve ever sat in. I needed a reading nook in here, and with that chair, I now have one. It’s wedged in there pretty good and looks out of place, but I love it. Sometimes it’s about comfort and inner peace than aesthetics and common sense. But I haven’t had a chance to do much reading in it yet, because every time I’m in here, someone else is too:


Gil takes a nap in my new chair. I mean, his new chair.

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